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Below you will find video guides to your topic.
Click here to access Solutions: Biofuel
Click here to access Global Food Shortage to Biofuel Use
Click here to access Discussion on Biofuel
Click here to access Biofuel Backlash


Below you will find some great links to nongovernmental organizations working on behalf of oil and alternative energy sources. Spend some time researching the organizations to get an idea of how you can propose solutions to the issue while in committee. Have fun!

Here are some suggested further readings.
Read about how the industrial revolution changed our lives here
An excellent (though long) report from UN Energy on biofuels. Read it here

A Timeline of UN Thought on Biofuels:

The following articles are a timeline for understanding how biofuels were once perceived as panacea to the problem of clean energy needs, to the current view that they may be worse for the planet if not properly managed.

2005: A brief article that outlines the positive aspects of biofuels here
2009: An article calling for a careful analysis of biofuel production here


To explore the Kyoto Protocol, click here
To explore the Millennium Development Goals, click here
To explore the Global Bioenergy Partnership, click here


Read about simple ways you can reduce your energy consumption here


Below you will find a list of countries that are represented in this year's UNESCO. Find your country and then download the article(s) available about your country and biofuels.


Discover how Bahrain is investing in biofuels, click here
Read how the sustainable city of the future is going to study biofuels, click here


Read how telecommunications companies want to use biofuels for their business here
A brief, but informative description of the kinds of biofuels most common in Bangladesh here
A long, rather academic paper on biofuels in Banglsdesh here

Bosnia and Herzegovina

A US company chose Bosnia as the site for its biofuel plant. Read why here
Read about a biofuel plant in Bosnia in this article that alludes to Bosnia's war here
Read about a plan to ensure biofuel sustainability here

Brazil (don't stop here, google them yourself, there are a TON of articles on this topic)

Former Brazilian president Lula Da Silva denies that Brazilian biofuels cause food insecurity here
A primer of biofuels in Brazil here
Brazil has one of the most sophisticated biofuel use systems in the world. Read about it here
A great summary of the country's biofuel industry, chock full of facts. Read it here


An informative article from Columia University on biofuels in China here
Learn about how biofuel is affecting grain stocks in China here
Read about China's strategy to avoid using food stuff as fuel here


A critical report on human rights violations and biofuel in Colombia here
Read about Colombia's biofuel targets and policies here
Read about the county's most promising biofuels here
Learn about a bilateral deal with the US here


Renewable energy policy here
Biofuels in Estonia here
Estimation of the biomass resources here
Top stories in 2007 here


Current state of the French biofuels sector here.


Gabon's biofuel dilemma here.


Honduras biofuels annual report 2009 here.
World bank-funded biofuel corporation has ill effects on Hondurans here


India's biofuel crop: too good to be true here.
The key to India's sustainable energy needs here.


Iraq to make biofuels out of rotting dates here.


Introducing sustainable biofuel in Japan here.


First airline to take a biofuel flight here


Assessing the impact of Mexico's biofuel law here
Mexico's gamble on biofules here.
Mexico's biofuel activities here.


Read this blog post to see how Morocco is working with Brazil to make biodisel here


Nigeria's biofuel industry here.
How biofuels will worsen the global food crises here.


Production of biofuel in Poland here

Russian Federation

Russia's biofuel revolution here.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian plantations to produce biodiesel here.
Saudi Arabia favors solar energy over biofuel here.

South Africa

Biofuel in South Africa here.


Availability of biofuels in Switzerland here.
Biofuel subsidies in Switzerland here.


Biofuels report on Turkey here.
Bioenergy markets in Turkey here.


Side effects of biofuels in Uganda here.
Biofuel plantations fuel strife in Uganda here


Ukraine vehicles to switch to biofuels by 2010 here

United Kingdom

Scientists warn against rush to biofuel in the EU here
UK gets biofuels research center here

United States of America

Can biofuels solve America's oil crunch? click here
America will have trouble meeting its ambitious goals for biofuels, click here to learn more
Watch this video to learn more about the truth about biofuel in America, click here.


Vietnam approves plan to use biofuels, click here to learn more.
To learn more about how Vietnam is joining the race for biofuel, click here.